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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Evergreen - Bottles to Beads

I've been promising myself that I would put my collection of wine bottles to good use. After some research I worked out the best way to make the bottles usable for lampworking and then away I went.

My tool kit now includes a large hammer and an old towel to wrap the bottles in while I give them hell. There's nothing like a bit of smashing to release the tensions of the week. If I'm lucky (and there aren't too many pent up frustrations !) I end up with strips of glass that I can put in the flame.

Bottle glass has a lower COE than the soft glass that I normally use so the whole melting process is a slower one. So plenty of time to relax after all that hammer wielding activity.

As green is my only colour choice I decided I would etch some of the beads to add variety and I'm very pleased with the sea glass look this gives.

So here starts my recycled range "Evergreen" , the whole process is great therapy and I don't have to feel guilty about polishing off another bottle !!

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