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Saturday, 14 August 2010

What can Mary Portas do for the Handmade Industry ?

Handmade Needs You!

I've added a link here and at the bottom of the page to a new campaign to get Mary Portas to help the UK handmade industry. Wow what a challenge ! Far from being one shop concentrating on certain products the UK handmade arena has a huge variety of products arising from a massive array of skills. But the number of people who aren't content to simply take what the High Street offers them is growing daily.

However the majority have no idea that they can have beautiful, quality, one of a kind or even bespoke products without the branding and mass marketing.
Hand made products are made by individuals for individuals, now to get the message out to each and every individual ! Come on Mary we need you.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

A New Angle

I'm a beggar for spending hours on the internet trying to find just the right toggle or chain or clasp. Here's where I start putting all that time to good use. I've opened yet another online shop .
I'm quiet proud of this play on words (I must get out more!) So now I am spending many happy hours (and I mean hours if not whole days) getting up close to jumprings and toggles and taking numerous photos which then need cropping and so on and so on.
It really isn't work if you love what you are doing, or so I read somewhere. Lets hope I find my own Beadtopia !