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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fusing - Something Square for a Change

I recently treated myself to a glass fusing for jewellery course at Pearsons Glass in Liverpool. It seemed to take forever to come around as I booked it months ago. The course was really enjoyable, we were a small group so you could ask questions and get help with the tricky bits. I had tried to cut glass at home with little success but the tutor gave me a few pointers and suddenly it was easy (ish).

I now have numerous glass pendants that I love to wear and some less succesful blobs of glass which I am sure I will find a use for some day. The most surprising thing about the day though was seeing my high school Metalwork teacher waiting to take the course alongside me when I arrived !! I'm not sure if this made him feel old ( I imagine he sees ex-pupils all the time) but it certainly made me feel old as we could have easily been taken for the same age. Either he's had a charmed life or I've had a hard one !

When I arranged my bits of glass I had in mind some cufflinks for my Son using copper oxide powder to create bubbles and a blueish tinge. I've posted this photo as they turned out just as I planned and he loves them.


  1. they're fab, love the colours and the bubble effect.

  2. I love them. I'd really love to learn to work with glass but I'm not sure i'm safe to be let loose with a naked flame!

  3. That's the beauty of fusing, no naked flame involved so no excuses ! :)

  4. Hey girlfriend! Gosh I have missed talking to you. Oh my gosh, your beads are just getting more and more beautiful :D Maybe I will get back around to glass but right now it is painting and mixed media. I will leave the flame and glass up to you :D Hope all is well, I am following your blog now too!
    Talk soon...