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Saturday 11 February 2012

Vintage Glass, lots of it !
I've often thought my fascination with glass started at a young age whilst playing with my Nan's dressing table set. A beautiful Art Nouvea style green set with butterflies for handles, you might just see it above as I inherited it when she passed away.
The green set followed me from house to house and then my mother in law one day produced her Mother in Law's set a perfectly preserved blue one which had sadly been sat in the loft. So for a long time the two sat together happily.
Then the most successful Car Boot Fair trip of my life (in fact my only successful trip!) the pink set, again perfect, no chips being sold for £1. Of course I couldn't pass it up, so now I am starting to look like a collector and my hubby buys me a smokey grey one off ebay for a wedding anniversary, then my mother in law strikes again and finds me an amber one in a local second hand shop.
So at this point I have to call time as my dressing table is full, albeit with beautiful sentimental glass. And the dusting is never ending, so here it all is together having a bit of a spruce up in the dishwasher. A good opportunity to snap it all together and put something sparkly on my blog.

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